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Solved: Internet Explorer Flashes Open Then Immediately Closes

Posted by admin on June 28, 2011

I was updating another browser on my Windows 7 system and all of a sudden IE 9 decided it didn't want to start up anymore. After a day of bad advice from Microsoft's tech forums I finally found the working solution:

Re-register IEPROXY.DLL by clicking START  (the win 7 icon in the bottom left hand corner of your desktop) and typing 

regsvr32.exe "c:\program files\internet explorer\ieproxy.dll" 

and then clicking OK.

If it doesn't find ieproxy.dll, dig around your system to find its location.

That simple. Add it to your tech boards, Bill


Posted by Serena on
OMG, thank you. I tried everything else but this and it worked!
Posted by dublorekibi.com on
Hi man, thanks a lot, I saw many many methods, but only your method worked, thank you soo much, i wasnt able to use ie for long time, thankss!!!
Posted by Leonard on
Thanks for the info
Posted by Sqanand on
thanks a lot after 5 hours of struggle i solved the issue with your post
Posted by Randy on
Thanks for the help it worked great. Tried a few other things before this.
Posted by Biju on
Thanks very much..your instructions saved me.....May God bless you...
Posted by Xjj on
I doesn't work on my computer. It says the thing is load but it fails with error code 0x80070005
Posted by AdamW1986 on
XJJ - run command prompt (cm) as an administrator click start, and type cmd then right click and click run as administrator then copy the above and paste in and magic it works mine had same issue code as yours now im typing this on IE9 haha :)
Posted by DonP on
I just ran across this on a Win7 enterprise machine and I had spent 90 minutes trying everything and this fix worked.

Posted by Juan Andres on
Muchas gracias por el tip, es el único que realmente me funcionó.

Es increíble cuantas soluciones inútiles ofrecen en las páginas oficiales de Micro$oft.

Ya son demasiadas las ocaciones en que la solución de algún problema, la encuentro en cualquier otro lado, menos en las páginas oficiales donde supuestamente deverían estar.
Posted by itamar on
Wow, searched everywhere and this is what worked! Thanks!
Posted by Thank you! on
Something as simple as this after about an hour searching for a fix from microsoft and they NEVER list this in their list of fix its. Thank you! I used this method posted by another commenter:

"run command prompt (cm) as an administrator click start, and type cmd then right click and click run as administrator then copy the above and paste in..."
Posted by buddy on
Tried but did not fix. Windows 7-64 IE8 uninstalled 9 and 10.

IE in 2 places Program files and Program Files (x86)ieproxy.dll Modified ?Thursday, ?December ?20, ?2012, ??8:55:20; AM Accessed Yesterday, ?March ?09, ?2013, ??11:06:16 AM and? Modified Thursday, ?December ?20, ?2012, ??7:49:52 AM Accessed ?Yesterday, ?March ?09, ?2013, ??11:06:16 AM.

IE worked when Chrome uninstalled and brought up "sorry page" that is what I'm currently using.
Posted by amanda on
I don't understand what I do with the file once I find it...
Posted by yarin on
Thank you very much .I had this problem for a week and I couldn't find a good solution to solve it.Thanksssssssssss
Posted by TomAce on
Great tip. Though on a 64-bit machine you have to run the command twice.
Once as above: regsvr32.exe "c:\program files\internet explorer\ieproxy.dll" and then again: regsvr32.exe "c:\program files\internet explorer (x86)\ieproxy.dll"
Posted by Alec on
Didn't work for me. running IE 10 on Win 7 Professional 64 bit. Only IE 8 seems to run even if they Administrator rights. When logged on the actual Administrator account, IE 10 works fine. I'm baffled. I will have to roll it back to IE 8 in order to get functionality.
Posted by Mark on
You are a genius, had this problem for LONG, every other fix failed THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU
Posted by Nicholas LaDieu on
didn't help.. this is IE10 though
Posted by Gabe on
There needs to be a slight change for the 64-bit instructions. The (x86) bit was in the wrong place. The second line should be:

regsvr32.exe "c:\program files (x86)\internet explorer\ieproxy.dll"

It's now working for me.
Posted by JB on
I executed both commands and it did not fix the problem. When I click on the ie symbol the screen still flashes and ie does not start up. Oddly enough, when I try to run IE form either the program files or the program files (x86) directory I get an error message
Posted by JB on
I finally got it working. I used the commands above but use F: instead of C:. I found folders on f: from before my re-install of windows on c: somehow the system trsy IE icon was pinting to F:
Posted by chris on
Thanks Gabe, your regsvr32.exe "c:\program files (x86)\internet explorer\ieproxy.dll" did it for me. :)
Posted by Shango on

On Win 7 64 bit regsvr32.exe "c:\program files (x86)\internet explorer\ieproxy.dll" worked for me too.

Thanks again!!
Posted by Debra on
I have been trying to get IE 10 installed on my local pc for the longest time and this fix finally worked for me. THANKS!!!!
Posted by Joseph Londe on
Brilliant! Worked for me with IE 11. Microsoft support is useless, tried everything they suggest nothing worked until I stumbled on this solution. Wasted a few hours in between... Many thanks
Posted by Don West on
I tried the regsvr command but get an error msg that The Module failed to load. IE is useless. It just will not load. flashes then disappears. I have tried just about everything.
Posted by GrStaKa on
For those of you who have 2 partitions and may redirected the default installation path to the second partition, you will need to register the dll on the secondary drive. IE does not install onto the default Windows Directory.

Thank you to the original poster of this fix!

(for those with dll issues after running the fix enter the command: sfc /scannow and run this fix afterwards)
Posted by Kz on
Great post! Thanks to the original poster and all the additions!
Posted by nick on
THANKS! also for x64 run this after the first one.. that bit took me awhile to figure out since the OP obviously is on a 32 bit os

regsvr32.exe "C:\Program Files (x86)\Internet Explorer\ieproxy.dll"
Posted by Raghu on
This worked for me too, thank you
Posted by Jeremy on
You rock!!! This ended my 4 hour quest to fix IE10!!!!
Posted by Jealous Admin on
You saved my day!
It works for IE11 too!
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