Jim died 3 years ago. Here’s a link to his obit:


Jim helped us out with Toys for Tots at 4th Tank Battalion and was always cheerful and gave great counsel on all issues. He was firm when he needed to be, but no one who worked with him had anything bad to say about him. I lost contact with him after leaving grad school (my fault there). Jim had served in WWII and Vietnam and was upset because he had missed the boat on Korea.

Jim told me a story about an Marine Infantryman that had crawled up through their tank’s bottom entry hatch to give them some targeting data. The infantryman was appalled at the stink and close conditions inside the tank had said, “How can you stand it in here?”

Jim listened to the sounds of machine gun rounds bouncing of the hull and the sounds of explosions and replied, “How can you stand it out there?”

Jim Carroll was one of those guys who inspired everyone around him, he served his country and served it well. Jim was a Marine.