A handy checklist for reseting a canon MX-700 ink cartridge after you refill it:

1. Disconnect the power cable

2. Connect it while holding down the power button

3. With the power button still down, press twice the “Cancel/Stop” red button

4. Release the power button

5. The printes turns into a kind of factory mode…(wait for about 10 seconds, utils it says “Idle”)

6. Press the “>” (next to the “OK” button) once.”Shipping Mode 2″

7. Press the “OK” button.

8. Press “OK” again for “Without cleaning”

9. A test page will print..

10. Open the cover, like you are about to change the cartridges.

11. Disconnect the power cable again.

12. Take out both cartridges.

13. Close the cover.

14. Connect the power cable once again.

15. Turn the printer on.

16. Now just put the cartridges back…


From http://www.nifty-stuff.com/forum/viewtopic.php?id=2705

with some corrections