For the last two days I’ve been looking at options for making a Flash website readable on mobile devices paying particular attention to iOS devices. We all know how much Apple loves Adobe Flash. Apple is not real fond of developers in general actually, but they really hate Flash developers.

So I looked for the easy way out, of course. Solution number 1 was to use Adobe Flash CS5 and develop in Flash lite. I still can’t get it to work with the iPhone, but it did work on Android and Rim devices which are the other two I’m shooting for. Not great, but a partial solution. PARTIAL PASS

I tried Sothink SWF Compiler which has an export swf to html5 capability. This created a huge html file and large javascript file, which threw javascript exceptions on all mobile devices I tested. FAIL

Next, I tried Swiffy by Google, where you can upload an swf file via web page, and it will create an html5 solution for you. Except in my case where it FAILED. Tried several different versions of swf, all of which FAILED.

Next I tried Recool Video Converter which not only FAILED but crashed. Two for one. I tried it on both my Win 64 boxes. When I moved it over to my XP box it did make a video, but the quality was suspect and unusable. FAIL.

Verdict: Be ready to shell out some serious cash on Adobe CS5 to do this, or spendsome serious time coding in javascript. Probably both as there is still no easy solution.