Some peculiar details on installing Knoppix 7.0 on VMWare

1) When configuring the vm, you must custom configure the hard drive type to IDE, or else the boot will hang

2) Tthe partition auto configure doesn’t work right, you need to make at least two partitions, with gparted. One a swap partition with five gigs for swap memory. The rule of thumb for swap size is 2x the size of the ram you are using. Format as swap-linux.

3) Set up a second partition for root. I used thirty-five gigs, but I’m using a portable hard drive for the vm so you may not want to part that much.The root partition needs to be formatted as reiserfs before Knoppoxwill agree to install it.

4) Close the Gparted screen and Knoppix should stop complaining. Follow the rest of the defaults, including installing a grub loader on mbr.

If you have a better way to do this, then you shouldn’t even be here. Just kidding, leave a note in the comments, and I’ll put it in here. A better way isn’t you trolling tech boards and telling people to read the docs. If you do this (and you know who you are) I suggest you move out of mommy’s basement, stop drinking wine and change to whisky, and join a fight club or something.